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Ether Monitoring provides governments with a solution to gain full transparency over gambling transactions and account movements into and out of the gaming companies from end users.

This gives the governments full real-time view of gaming companies Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and total industry statistics

How it works

Ether Monitoring is an online platform continuously monitoring transaction flow through the digital money eco systems.

  • Ether Monitoring provide a secure batch file repository for gaming companies to provide standard feed of betting activity and account deposits / payouts
  • Ether Monitoring provide a secure batch file repository for banks, mobile money platforms and other financial bodies to provide data files of end user transactions with the gaming companies
  • Ether Monitoring process these files to provide a auditable 360 degree of betting activity across the market.
  • It will be a requirement that gaming companies must use Ether Monitoring if they wish to operate in the country.

Ether Monitoring Government Features


Scalable connectivity to transaction stream with Banks, Mobile Network Operators and gaming companies.

Reporting Engine

Ether Monitoring provide comprehensive set of reports on data analysis to provide full 360 degree view of gaming revenue.


Online government portal providing transaction stream and data analysis.

Gaming behaviour

Analyse gambling behaviour of consumers, flagging at risk behaviours in the transaction flow.


Proven large scale platform processing millions of transactions a day.


7x24 365 days a year support from experienced support staff.

Dedicated government portal

Ether Monitoring provide a dedicated online portal for government agencies to view and analyse gaming transaction data, related responsible gambling actives and tax dues.

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