Secure batch processing


File Transfer Status View

The Ether Monitoring platform is designed to support SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) batch file processing alongside API driving integrations. SFTP file transfer enables gaming companies to rapidly integrate to the platform providing daily file drops for both betting transactions and payment file integration.

The platform automates the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processing of the these files integrating the data into the overall Ether Monitoring portal. Users can view the status of the ETL processing including historical audit details. Files can be reprocessed without operational issues. The platform execute non destructive ETL allowing retrieval of the original files submitted by the gaming company for further analysis if required.

The portal provides details of the ETL jobs for each company, including record count, summations and state. Alerts can be set up for any issues with the ETL processing of file, or if file are not provided within a specific frequency or timeframe.

File transfer based ETL provides a number of benefits to the goverment and the gaming companies including :

  • Simple integration for the gaming companies and their partners
  • Full historical audit trail of data history for the government
  • Fault tolerant with the ability to re-run processing
  • Alerting in th event of file transfer failure or missing data

The ETL element of the platform integrates seamlessly with the real time API driven integrations - allow gaming companies to decide how they manage their integrations.

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